Arctic sping water and BlueWhite whiskies


BlueWhite Arctic Spring Water

Pure fresh spring water from far North of Finland, from Lapland is an essential part of BlueWhite "Arctic Series" of whiskies. When whisky comes to us for bottling, it will have cask strength of 62-65 alc vol-%. We will be using arctic spring water to make whisky ready for bottling at 40-45 alc vol-%. This water has been running on rocky downhills and through moorlands forming special arctic taste to our whiskies. Before using this water, it will be purified to match requirements for our whiskies. First product of our "Arctic Series" whiskies will be launched on Spring 2020, the spring water for this very specific BlueWhite whisky will be from Kahperusvaara hills, almost 1000 meters above sea level!