BlueWhiteSpirit Ltd 

... a bit different alcohol producer...

BlueWhiteSpirit Ltd, the company, is Finland first and only independent bottler. Independent bottler is a company who will not make, produce or distill the spirit by itself, rather using world's suppliers and producers to select most suitable and interesting products for finishing, blending and finally bottling. To begin the business, we will be maturing, bottling and blending various type of whiskies to produce premium BlueWhite spirits. Later on, we will be producing also low and non-alcoholic drinks as well as fruit and berry juices. 


Anssi and Jouni (pic is coming...)
Anssi and Jouni (pic is coming...)

What we do?

BlueWhiteSpirit Ltd will be blending, bottling and labeling spirits as a brand name "BlueWhite", the company is not producing or distilling spirits itself, we are purchasing spirits in a bulk containers (200 litres, 1000 litres or casks), making bottling and labeling at company's own production facilities. Then products are delivered to customers like restaurants, warehouses, retail sales at State Alcohol Monopoly stores. We will be serving also export customers, tax free sales at airports and passenger ferries. 

Besides of spirits, we will be paying attention also to the packaging of the spirits. We can produce highly customized packaging with help of state-of-the-art laser engraving machinery. See more information on web store products. 

Original idea of business?

It started this way: Business creator was Mr Jouni, he has been interested all his life of beauty and pleasure. To be more precise :), different tastes of world whiskies, Maduros from Cuba or Domicican and strong espresso. Whisky business is very young here in Finland, its only about 40 years from the first days of planning whisky production in Finland. Now there are few companies producing whisky, but the way to success is long and demanding. Jouni, or Jomppa for friends, was thing "Why nobody is doing bottling only, so selecting best and most interesting suppliers and bulk products and make them to an own brand name?" 

"Obviously I must to do it myself"  was this part-time intellectual thinking of. It took almost two years to make it thru and start really thinking of the business. 

How about finding a proper partner, someone who believes in the idea and knows something about the business area of spirits. Of course it would be Mr Anssi, nephew, who has a restaurant with years of experience of spirit sales there. No time and we were talking about business at sauna, yes, that is the place where we Finnish people tend to made best deals. Case was closed and we became business partners.


The production will be started shortly. We will be now planning Q4/2019 production; the product types, sizes of batches, bottle types and customers. After production plan is clear, we start asking RFQs for bulks and other material. Estimated plan for 2019:

- week 36 ( starting 2.9.2019) plan for Q4/2019 and Q1/2010

- week 37-46 bulk and material RFQs

- weeks 48 production equipment tests and finalizing

-  week 49 first test batches, product analysis

-  week 51 first prod batches


As the first products of our business, we will be releasing handy hip flasks (200 ml) with fishing or hunting decoration. The flasks are made of stainless steel and having nice gift pack. The flasks are filled with whisky of world, one is smoky whisky, another is light, suitable for appetizer. If required, you can order customized engraved hip flask without whisky (customers in Finland), if you are living in a country, where spirit ordering from web stores are legal, of course you can have the hips flask with whisky delivered to your home address. Later on we will be releasing a tri-pack of whisky series with a panorama label, the label will be joining these three bottles set side by side. Subscribe for newsletter below and you will be informed about new product releases in advance: 


Starting and running the business and especially planned investments for th second year of operation requires lot of money. Therefore the company has decided to offer shares for purchase.  You can invest from 200 euros (two shares) up to 20000 euros (200 shares) and come part of interesting business of "BlueWhiteSpirit". As a share holder, you are involved in product development including but not limited to whisky or other spirit blend or content development, packaging and labeling planning etc. We hope that all share holders will actively take part of these tasks to spirit up the "BlueWhite". If you are interested to become a share holder, use below link to send your email and we will send you information about how to become a such one.